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is there an interest for, like. rp icon commissions and such?

because i might post a commissions sheet at some point.

trying to be somewhat active on this site? so have a drawing dump

I don't know how to draw raccoons (or was it tanukis?).

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series. He is wearing the apron from his initial appearance in the first Animal Crossing game. He stares tiredly at the viewer. End ID.]

approximately three vincian jewish wilson icons.

why not.

(yes, i did have to ask if this sort of thing was allowed. it is. probably. provided i post it under the regular image type, given that i'm not using my own art.)

you people are gonna get so much content posted up on here after november ends.

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drew one of my d&d parties in the don't starve art style

only one here that's mine is antoine on the far left

u will support them

officially have okada izou fgo brainrot

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more d&d shit

realizing theres nothings stopping me from posting my more sloppy sketch stuff here. so here i am. heres my oc helena again, i like drawing them atm.

another warmup doodle

if you remember this character, you may be eligable for a senior citizen discount

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Tarot cards!

a project i've slowly been working on! I need to re-letter them of course (thats why the high priestess doesnt have text) but its been a little side project i've had :)!

The first one features my character Isa as the fool, since her backstory sort of represents the idea of "starting a new journey"

The second features one of my friend's characters Sodgel as the magician, since he's the wizard of the party and he's sort of "tapping into his true potential" with his spellcasting

and the last one is of an npc, Ms. Promise as the high priestess. She's a reformed succubus who is a worshipper of Sarenrae, the god of redemption. I chose her for it because there is currently a lot of mystery around her

Monster calico design for PleasantlyHauntedBird

Stantler Colour Palette Challenge

based on the Silver sprite~

Piloswine Colour Palette Challenge

@idioticsilverware thank you for the suggestion!

Fanart for Zillion Ross. So many mistakes while working on this, which is why it took way longer than it should have taken lol. Bad planning mostly. Still some mistakes but I've burnt myself out on this and had to take a couple of days to recover my muse lol.

Time: 2 days

Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Zillion
Resources: n/a

Zillion socials:

Music Vibe: Ultra by Savfk

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bug living lavishly

Commission - Crow Boi

Commission for twitter